At Oz and Foreign, we have serviced many cars from our mechanical workshop at 15-16 Altair Place, Jamisontown (Penrith). We are experienced mechanics, who service all types of vehicle makes and models, specialising in European cars.


On this page of our website, we have decided to show you how we service our cars, giving you the customer, an understanding of the work involved. Please read the following 2 jobs and see the work that Oz and Foreign has performed.




Recently a gentleman had a Saab car towed to us, because it was not starting. We checked and found no spark delivery, whereby we investigated and found that an ignition switch was causing the problem. We removed and renewed the ignition and started the engine. We then fit the new temperature control knob and fixed the air direction knob. We secured the centre console rear section and reassembled rear ashtray and replaced.




In another recent job, a gentleman drove in a Renault for service and needed to change the timing belt on his car. We changed oil, oil filter and greased as necessary. We checked front and rear brakes. We checked drive belts and water hoses. We inspected steering and suspension components, checked engine and transmission mounts. We checked fluid and oil levels and top up as required. We checked spare tyre and adjusted tyre pressures. We also checked warning lights, lighting and road test. We topped up gearbox oil and took one liter to fill to correct level. When it came to the globes, we renewed left brake light glove and checked for right Zenon headlight not working. We investigated and found Zenon globe blown. So we swapped the left and right globe to confirm and also to access globe easier as left side can be accessed without removing the headlight. We then scanned for fault codes and cleared the following fault codes.


  1. The throttle Potentiometer circuit
  2. Brake Pedal Sensor
  3. Motorised Throttle Control
  4. Cruise Control or speed limiter

By the time we got to the Timing belt part of the job, we removed and replaced the necessary components to access engine timing belt and removed the timing belt. Both idler bearings and tensioner bearing, fit new idler bearings, tensioner and timing belt and adjusted to specs and reassembled. While replacing the timing belt, we fitted a new serpentine belt as well. When we returned the car to the gentleman, we informed him that the valve gasket was showing oil leaks. His gearbox had an oil leak from selector and left axle seals. We also mentioned that his left headlight Zenon Globe had blown. We finally informed him that all wiper blades need replacing.


As you can notice, Oz and Foreign mechanical professionals are very thorough in their servicing of European Cars. We do our best to ensure a quality service at a reasonable price.


Call us on 02 4731 3271 or complete our online booking form. We look forward to servicing your car.